The Burton Scribe Binding is your perfect match. If there was a tinder app for snowboard bindings then you would swipe right, meet up, fall in love and never look at another binding ever again because the Scribe is just so perfect. It's not too soft and not to stiff, doesn't want to much money from you and just wants to hold you and keep you safe. Now which colour do you want?



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Size Charts

Key Features

Flex : Medium - 5/10 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff) 

Board Compatibility: Burtons EST bindings are only compatable with The Channel System

Base Plate: Single component nylon/30% short fiberglass composite:One part throughout the binding creates a consistent response to help you progress and dominant the whole mountain.

High Back: Single Component Cantered Living hinge allow a seamless fit with your leg and the heel cup no matter what your forward lean preference is. Gumbo gives you a bit more forgiveness in the park without being to soft for all mountain ripping.

Buckles: Double take buckles do up faster than a normal ratchet. Fewer cranks to get the tension you want, super slip proof and less prone to wear and tear.

Straps: Smooth glide are the most reliable on the market. Aluminium leavers and steel bases give you smoothness and a strength you can trust. 

Cushioning: The FullBED cushioning system EVA will reduce foot and leg fatigue, and help absorb any heavy landings. Under baseplate dampening pad will absorb chatter and ultimately help you rip longer and better.



Woman's boot size: US 4-6 // UK 2.5-4 // Euro 34-36.5 // Mondo 21-23

Men's boot size: (I doubt it)


Woman's boot size: US 6-8 // UK 4-6 // Euro 36.5-40 // Mondo 23-25

Men's boot size: US 6-8


Woman's boot size: US 8+ // UK 6+ // Euro 40+ // Mondo 25+

Men's boot size: US 8-10

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