Burton Rewind 2018

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The Burton Rewind 2018 gives you that perfect mix of playfullness and pop, all packed into a board that will help you push your park riding up to the next level.

The PurePop camber profile gives you all the good parts of camber, with a little extra forgiveness at the contact points. The twin shape and twin flex give it the exact same feel when you are taking off and landing switch, which is exactly what you need in a park board.

Add all of that together with the Triax fiberglass and a medium flex, you get a board that can handle bigger features, while still being able to press and butter without needing too much effort.

Key Features

Camber Type: PurePop Camber

An evolution of traditional camber, PurePop places subtle flat zones outside your feet to amplify pop and add a more playful feeling to the camber. Early rise tip and tail get your contact points out of the snow quicker, reducing catch and enhancing float.

Flex: Medium

Twin Flex - Board is constructed the same at both ends to give a smooth ride while riding regular or switch.


Twin - Ride it forwards, backwards, or upside down, this board is constructed exactly the same tip to tail for an identical ride when going switch or regular.


FSC Certified Super fly II 800G - By using stronger and lighter wood throughout the core, this board has the pop and strength where its needed while keeping things super light.

Dualzone EGD - The wood grain of the core is position along the heel and toe edge on two unbroken zones, perpendicular to the rest of the core. This gives consistent edge hold and strength.

Base: Sintered

Sintered bases are durable, porous, and have superior wax absorption capabilities for enhanced glide.

Additional Features:

Infinite Ride - Burton overbuild some of their boards and then a machine breaks it in for you! This makes the board ride the same from day 1 till day 100.

Pro Tip - A thinner tip and tail means reduced weight and swing when in the air. helping you to send it!

Off Axis Frostbite Edges - Edges that extend out slightly underneath your bindings for enhanced edge hold on hardpack and ice.

Scoop - Expanded tip and tail that scoop up at the contact points, giving the board a looser, more catch free feeling on all snow conditions.


Super Sap Epoxy


Boards Lengths: 152cm, 155cm, 157cm, 159cm

Stance Set Back: 0mm

Waist Width:

(141cm) 237mm

(146cm) 240mm

(149cm) 242mm

Recommended Rider Weight:

(141cm) 45-68kg

(146cm) 54-82kg

(149cm) 54-82kg

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