The Burton DarkSide is for the die hard Star Wars fan who loves to kill it on the mountain, just like a true Sith lord. This board will let you chase your passion, improve strength in your riding, achieve powerful turns, and gain victory over any obstacles in your path. Convert to the dark side, let it flow through you, and you'll never look back.

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Size Charts

Key Features

Camber Type: Positive Camber

Once upon a time, before rocker came into the picture all boards had positive camber. This gives you a super powerful and snappy platform to tackle anything the mountain throws at you. With your contact points (where your feet touch the snow) closer to the snow, board reaction time is fast and responsive.

Flex: 4-5/10 (1=soft, 10=stiff)

Twin Flex - This puppy will ride exactly the same whether you are riding regular or switch with its perfect mirror construction from tip to tail. 

Shape: Directional

Designed to be ridden with a longer nose for powder float and better board control. A shorter tail allows for easier and more powerful pop. 


Superfly II 700G- Strong and feather light, this core uses the right wood in the right places to give you the strength where it's needed without compromising on weight.

Dualzone EGD - Two unbroken wood zones under the heel and toe edges to give you that extra hold and strength where you need it.

Squeeze Box - Exclusive to Burton, this technology gives awesome pop and performance in your board by putting slightly thicker and thinner core sections throughout the board. Perfect for those who like to ride with a duck stance.

Base: Sintered

Sintered WFO - The king of bases, super strong and holds wax better than any thing else. Did we mention it super fast, so you'll have the speed to clear the knuckle every time. 

Additional Features:

Infinite Ride -Maximise pop and performance by overbuilding the board in the factory, Burton then put it in a machine that breaks the board down. This allows your board to ride the same from day one, season after season.

Frostbite - Burton's version of serrated edges, frostbite extend out slightly under the feet to give you awesome edge hold in icy conditions. There when you need them but forgiving enough to not compromise on boxes and rails.


Board Lengths: 151cm, 154cm, 158cm

Waist Width:

(151cm) 248mm

(154cm) 252mm

(158cm) 254mm

Recommended Rider Weight:

(151cm) 57-72kg

(154cm) 59-77kg

(158cm) 66-84kg

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