Burton Amplifier 2018

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The Burton Amplifier is a new board from Burton this season, that gives you a stable and catch free ride that you can take anywhere on the mountain.

The twin shape and softer flex make the Amplifier feel at home in the park, making presses and butters easy. The Flat Top profile of the board keeps it stable while you are riding fast, and the rocker tip and tail give it a looser and more forgiving feeling when getting those spins around.

The Amplifier gives you really good board feel, with the Squeezebox core profiling gives you an easier ride feel, which has stiffer zones outside of your feet, that are designed to give you better energy transfer to the nose and tail of the board, while still giving the board a smooth flex between the bindings. You end up with more control over your board with less effort.

Best for beginner to intermediate riders, if you want a board that will let you learn new things in the park while still being able to ride everywhere on the mountain, this is the board you want.

Key Features

Camber Type: Flat Top

More fun than a house party the Flat Top camber gives stability and edge control while still giving lift in the tip and tail for a loose and fun feel.

Flex: Medium Soft

Shape: Twin

Completely symmetrical, so no matter whether you are riding it regular or switch, it will ride exactly the same.

Core: Fly 800g

A classic tip to tail lightweight wood core. Squeezebox low performance puts thicker core sections outside the bindings for evenly distributing energy while softer under the bindings for movability.

Base: Extruded

Easy care and easy fix base. It may not be the fastest but thats a good thing when you haven't mastered stopping yet!

Additional Features:

Frostbite Edges - Edges that extend out under your bindings a little for extra grip on hard packed snow and ice.

Scoop - Exaggerated scoop on the nose and tail give you a looser and more forgiving feel for all kinds of riding.

Pro-Tip - The tapered tip and tail keep the weight of the board down, making it easier to move and spin.

Infinite Ride - The pre-broken in board means that you get a rides the same as it does on the first day as it does on the 100th.


Boards Lengths: 147cm, 150cm, 154cm, 155cm Wide, 157cm, 159cm Wide, 163cm Wide

Waist Width:

(147cm) 246mm

(150cm) 248mm

(154cm) 250mm

(156cm Wide) 257mm

(157cm) 252mm

(159cm Wide) 259mm

(163cm Wide) 261mm

Recommended Rider Weight:

(147cm) 45-68kg

(150cm) 54-82kg

(154cm) 54-82kg

(156cm Wide) 68-91kg

(157cm) 68-91kg

(159cm Wide) 68-91kg

(163cm Wide) 82-118kg+

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