Bandit Merino Shinobi MSC

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The Bandit Shinobi is wool as, but its merino, the softest and most amazing wool ever!  Shinobi is Japanese for Ninja. And much like the awesome ancient mercenary's radical garb, this stealth lightweight pullover bandana conceals that last bit of exposed face in covert black. You will find it is incredibly warm, soft, comfortable, fashionable, and easy to breathe through. Go on, be a Happy Ninja.

Key Features

  • 100% Merino Wool. 

  • Grown & Sewn in New Zealand! 

  • Soft, Natural, Moisture Wicking, Stink Free 

  • & Totally Breathable. 

  • Length 46cm deep. 

  • Width 48cm around. 

  • Machine wash in Warm or Cold. 

  • Dry out on the line. 

  • Its just the best thing eva.

The most luxurious wool in the world is 100% Grown & Sewn right over the ditch in New Zealand. This wondrous natural material is so hot right now. It excels in moisture wicking, temperature regulating capabilities, and its tendency to not retain odor. It can be worn again and again without the stink making it the ultimate must-have product for your winter experience.