Arbor Westmark Rocker 2018

Size Chart
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The Arbor Westmark Rocker has won multiple Good Wood Awards, and it isn't hard to see why. It hits the right balance of flex and response so that you end up with a board that you can jib and hit rails with, but still has the pop and stability you need to hit bigger jumps and drops around the mountain.

Key Features

Camber Type: System Rocker

The System Rocker profile is designed to give you a surfy ride, that floats easily and rides smoothly. Arbor's rocker profile is a parabolic design, that means that the amount of rocker is reduced at the nose and tail of the board. When you are faster, the extra control and grip is right there when you need it. 

Flex: 6/10 (1 = soft, 10 = stiff)

A medium flex that will give you the stability you need for hitting bigger features and all mountain riding. 

Shape: Mountain Twin

Core: Single Malt Core

Made from sustainably grown poplar, it is a light and durable core. 

Base: Sintered Base

A high density base that will keep you moving fast. 

Additional Features:

Grip Tech - The sidecut design is made up of three different shapes, that aren't blended together. Because they aren't blended together, they give you extra contact points on the heel and toe side of the board, so you have extra grip and control under your feet, that also makes turning smoother and easier.

Flathead Tip Profile - Gives you lots of surface area for butters, ollies and nollies.



Boards Lengths: 152cm, 155cm

Stance Set Back: 0mm

Waist Width:

(152cm) 249mm

(155cm) 250mm

Recommended Rider Weight:

(152cm) 50-86kg

(155cm) 53-89kg

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