At Melbourne Snowboard Centre the staff are like family. If you come in here often enough you too will become part of that family. For everyone else online we wanted to let you know who is behind the site and show how much we care about what we do. We strongly believe that you should never walk into a store and feel like everyone is too cool, so feel free to call any of us and ask us questions based on our knowledge and passions. 


Permanent Staff:

Michael Chiminello: Owner

Mick is one of the best bosses around. He is more passionate and determined to get everyone sorted with the right setups than most people could possibly fathom. No other owner that we know of works 7 days a week all season long and still froths like he's a kid getting his first setup. While this may burn some people out, Mick feeds off it and does it with a smile and a great attitude... as long as the Tigers are winning. 

Favourite Brands: DC, Dragon, Salomon, Technine.


Rixon: E-Commerce Manager

As unique as his name. At 200cm, each year he continuously wins the award for our tallest employee. This comes in handy when other vertically challenged employees fall short. Rixon has chased the snow across the world from America to Japan and spent an equal share in hospitals. But on a serious note, he's our go-to man. Overseeing all our online operations and customer service, there's nothing he can't answer! Just don't ask him about his footy team. 

Favourite Brands: Salomon, Dragon, L1, CAPiTA, Union & Nitro.


Kate: Customer Service and Marketing Co-ordinator

You know that thing that sticks stuff together... glue? Yeah, well that's Kate. She's been with us for a few years but has a habit of jetting off to the northern hemisphere to catch those powder shots over our summers. Lucky for us, she bounces back every time. Kate takes care of all our customer service and warranties, as well as running our social media platforms and marketing promotions. Catch her on Facebook or Instagram by replying to our stories and posts, or ask her about the hidden gems in Hakuba, Japan. 

Favourite brands: CAPiTA, Oakley, Nitro & Burton.


Dave: Graphic Designer and Digital Marketer

Dave is our self-proclaimed coffee addict, a frother of mountain biking and all-around good guy at MSC. Dave has brought a wealth of knowledge with him from working within large-scale business marketing, to running a tuning shop out of his house, to sharing his ramen recommendations and sumo wrestling experiences. These days he's passionate about video editing and graphic design and is the man behind our flashy content. 

Favourite brands: Burton, Volcom, K2 & Forum (Is that still a thing Dave?)


Pat: E-Commerce & Online IT

Every team seems to have that one guy who you can never tell whether he's joking or not, and that's Pat with a humour as dark as his black coffee and taste in metal, and a tone as dry as the Canadian powder he was born near. But never fear, he's just a big softy who loves Mariah Carey and his fluffy corgi Mr.Chips. Pat looks after our online tech operations, ensuring our products are readily available for you online whilst being our most knowledgable asset with snowboard expertise second to none. Hit him up for product recommendations, silly hip-hop lyrics or to borrow his Mariah Carey book. 

Favourite brands: Nitro, Dragon & Burton AK.


Jeremy: Boot fitter

An import made in Canada. Aside from his obsession with poutine, Jeremy is our resident prince charming trying to fit the glass slipper onto his Cinderella. Catering to all types of feet and having taken many courses in boot fitting and insoles alike, Jeremy will find you a snowboard boot to suit your needs.

Favourite brands: Capita, 686, Ride & K2


Frankie: Warehouse Manager

Sometimes you just need someone who's a little pedantic about organisation to get the job done. Well this is an understatement when it comes to our resident strappin' English lad, Frankie! He's a jack of all trades, a frother of extreme sports but a big softie at heart for his little girl.  Known as Frankie 4 fingers for his cool, calm, collected but crazy nature, he looks after our off-site warehouse to keep it snag free and looking like a piece of art. To put it short, we'd be a mess without him.

Favourite brands: Salomon, Volcom & Dakine.