Super Staff at Melbourne Snowboard Centre

At Melbourne Snowboard Centre the staff is like family. If you come in here often enough you too will become part of that family. For everyone else online we wanted to let you know who is behind the site and show how much we care about what we do. We strongly believe that you should never walk into a store and feel like everyone is too cool, so feel free to call any of us and ask us questions based on our knowledge and passions. 


Permanent Staff:

Michael Chiminello: Owner

Mick is one of the best bosses around. He is more passionate and determined to get everyone sorted with the right setups than most people could possibly fathom. No other owner that we know of works 7 days a week all season long and still froths like he's a kid getting his first setup. While this may burn some people out, Mick feeds off it and does it with a smile and a great attitude... as long as the Tigers are winning. Because he works 7 days you will always see him when you come in.

Favourite Brands: Burton, DC, Dragon, Salomon, Technine


Lucas: Captain of Sales (and everything else)

Lucas, Lo-Cash, Shkeef... whatever you call him, he's still the same old legend. With more knowledge up top than most, he is our go to guy for all things snowboards, whether you're taking your first setup out for a run or you've put a core-shot through your Cygnus.. The Big Dog is your man. Now that he has 2 little grommets of his own he is keen to keep them running on the same path. Lucas has a wealth of information on literally every item we sell. He loves breaking it all down for customers and getting them stoked on riding. There is nothing Lucas can't sell you, especially when it comes to boots. He is our local boot fitting expert and has taken classes in the subject to further his knowledge.

Favourite Brands: Lib-Tech, Union, Nitro, O'Neill, Sandbox, Electric


Daniel (Rimmy): Web Store Wizard / Super Nerd 

Daniel, or Rimmy as he is more commonly known is that guy who gets stoked on everything your mother warned you about. With snowboarding being such a major part of his diet, during the season he spends every day not at work in his bindings, plus his passport is just a big book of Japan stamps. Hit him up for all your overseas travel enquiries, as well as snow conditions of the Aussie mountains! 

Favourite Brands: Capita, Nitro, K2, Analog, L1, Nike, Airblaster, Mons Royale


Rixon Davies: Customer Service and Tall Item Grabber

Rixon. As unique as his name, you will not meet a better bloke, which is fittingly why he is in charge of our customer service. At 200cm he is also our tallest employee and comes in very handy when other vertically challenged employees fall short. Rixon has chased the snow across the world from Canada to Japan and spent a fair bit of time in Tahoe as well as Jindabyne where he worked four seasons! Park riding is his jam, and he shreds it too! Look out for this ninja next time you're putting in laps!

Favorite Brands: Salomon, Vans, Dragon, L1, GNU


Alecia: Warranty & Media Queen

You know that thing that sticks stuff together... glue? Yeah well thats Alecia. The ever polite, and always cheerful young lass is always there when you've told a bad joke to give you the laugh you severely lack! She heads the warranty department, helps Rixon out with the customer service and runs our social media pages! Holding her own on a board as well, Alecia has spent 3 seasons abroad in both Canada and New Zealand!
Make sure you hit her up for a girls opinion on all outerwear, as well as all the chick specific tech tips, just dont touch her wrists!!

Favorite Brands: Capita, L1, Dragon